IRIS Ltd. was established in 1980 with the idea that a company specializing in photo ID equipment and related supplies could gain a strong position as experts in those fields. Today, we maintain that standard by providing quick delivery on a HUGE INVENTORY of stock items and supplying many hard to find items.
About Our Products - Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it usually take to process an order?
Our stock ID card printers; ID card software; card making and printer supplies; attachment devices such as badge holders and badge reels typically ship within one business day. Custom printed lanyards and ID card stock (including proximity cards) require an average of 4 weeks to manufacture. Some very specialized items such as custom holograms and holographic overlays take up to 12 weeks to manufacture. Your IRIS sales contact will confirm anticipated delivery times when your order is placed.

Do you provide ID card printers?
Yes. IRIS handles printers for most industry suppliers including DataCard, EDISecure, Evolis, HID Fargo, IDP, Nisca and Zebra.

What ID Card Software is available?
IRIS stocks a wide range of ID card software including the full EPI Suite lines.

How do we capture an image?
Images are captured with a digital camera or by live video capture. IRIS stocks capture components that are tested to work with our ID card software and integrated systems.

Do you offer complete photo ID card systems?
Absolutely. IRIS offers system components and completely integrated photo ID systems. Our technical support staff is available for telephone and on-site assistance.

Are visitor software and visitor ID systems available?
Yes. IRIS offers digital options from Stopware and other companies. We also offer the TEMPbadge line of time sensitive ID badges and visitor logs.

What is the advantage of a PC-based visitor ID system? Stopware allows the owner to track visitors when they enter the facility and when they leave. A details digital log records and stores visitor information making searches and reporting very easy.

How does IRIS handle my technical support requirements?
IRIS technical support staff is available for telephone, field, web based, and depot support. We offer on-demand support as well as pre-paid support options. Give us a call to discuss how we can best support your efforts.

What are Event Credentials?
Event Credentials identify staff, volunteers, security and even attendees at festivals, concerts, and sporting events. From county fairs to world class sporting events, security, paid admission, and crowd control is an increasing concern and Event Credentials are an inexpensive way to deal with some of these issues.

Can you assist with our special event?
Yes. IRIS offers expert consultation for planning and issuing event credentials.

Does IRIS have any dealers?
IRIS supplies, services, and supports photo ID dealers both nationally and internationally.

Where can I find conventional (instant film based) photo ID equipment and supplies?
While less popular, IRIS does stock and support Polaroid film based photo ID systems. Let us know what you need!

How do I put a hole in my photo ID card for attachment use?
IRIS offers a complete line of slot punches from economy hand held units to heavy duty desk top slot punches.

Where can I get a photo die cutter?
We have a number of stock size photo die cutters.

We only need a few photo ID cards. Do you have any solutions?
IRIS offers a managed badging service for companies that do not yet want to make the investment in a full ID system. Please contact us for pricing.

What is a PlasticPass2?
Our PlasticPass2 is a durable, light weight credential that is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The unique properties of the material allow for custom shape and size credentials. Printing is from single color to 4 color process and is delivered to the customer ready-to-issue. Special security features can be added if needed.

Does IRIS stock parts for photo ID card printers?
Yes. We stock the most common parts including replacement printheads needed for Eltron-Zebra, Evolis, DataCard, Fargo, IDP Smart, Nisca, and EDI Secure XID printers.

Do you offer PVC ID card stock? IRIS stocks a wide range of blank PVC ID card stock including plain, polycore (UltraCard), with magnetic stripe, with pressure sensitive backs, with signature panels, and many other combinations. We also offer custom printed PVC card stock with or without a wide range of security features.

Why do I need ID card software?
Our ID card software packages allow the user to coordinate all the information necessary to create and maintain a photo ID card database. Simple packages such as EpiSuite Lite allow for data entry & image capture, have a ID card design module, and maintains an internal database. Larger packages such as EPI Suite Professional have more advanced features and allow for networking and attaching to larger databases such as Oracle or SQL.

How do I display our photo ID cards?
IRIS stocks and custom manufactures a wide range of ID card attachments including strap clips, vinyl badge holders, magnetic badge holders, metal & plastic neck chains, badge reels, and neck lanyards.

Do you provide printed neck lanyards?
IRIS is a custom neck lanyard manufacturer offering dye sublimated and screen printed lanyards. We have options for requirements that run from small quantity to large quantity and from short term use to long term everyday wear.

Can you supply printed badge holders?
We can provide printed badge holders to meet almost any specification. Printing is available from single color through four color process. Printed badge holders are growing in popularity especially in the special events area such as NASCAR racing.

Are custom badge reels available?
Yes. The IRIS BadgeBack line offers one of the industry's largest product selections from standard economy reels to twist-free models to our badge reel bottle opener. All of our models can be customized with your logo.

Where can we purchase access control cards?
IRIS offers 26-bit proximity cards cards. In addition we offer Mifare and iClass technology cards. Plain blank card and well as custom printed cards are available. Additional technologies such as barcodes or magnetic strips are available as add-on features.

How can we add security to our photo ID cards?
Many security features can be added to photo ID cards depending on quantity, budget, and actual security requirements. Typical custom features include Advantage images, clear or metallic holograms, ultraviolet printing, microprinting, watermark, and DNA matrix.