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Matica XID 8300 Retransfer Printer

The modular single- or double-sided Matica XID 8300 Retransfer Printer was developed for industrial needs, as it is equipped with various optional modules such as bend remedy, flipper, and encoding modules. Based on the longtime approved and extreme solid XID Retransfer technology, the printer is ready for plug and play inline encoding as well as lamination. The printer delivers the right combination of reliability, performance and affordability for printing durable and secure cards due to its compact size. It almost achieves offset printing quality, even on uneven surface of smart cards.
The printer is ready to meet your individual requirements and can be equipped to the customer needs.


  • Single- or double-sided retransfer printer with various optional modules
  • Modern industrial design with small footprint
  • Electronic security locks to secure access to supplies and consumables
  • Over-the-edge printing with glossy photo finish quality
  • Fast throughput of up to 100 cards per hour
  • Highest ribbon capacity and detachable card hopper for easy handling and continuous operation
  • Convenient front-loading of supplies with color-coded cartridge system
  • Removable and reusable cleaning rollers
  • Heavy-duty ART Retransfer Film for long-lasting durable cards
  • Lifetime printhead warranty
  • Printhead has no contact with cards, minimizing risk of damage
  • Accessories compartment for cleaning kits, etc.
  • Detachable card hopper for 200 cards
  • Optional single- or double-sided lamination for more durability and security

Product Code: XID8300


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